333 Angel Slim Jersey Tee
333 Angel Slim Jersey Tee
333 Angel Slim Jersey Tee
Willow Soul

333 Angel Slim Jersey Tee

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Do you feel divinely guided? Do you see 333 often or wake up at 3:33 a.m.?  This angel inspired figure-flattering tee is a subtle way to signal others about your light working on earth at this time. Show others that they are not alone when they see this divine number.  Be the light!

Fit: Feminine Silhouette
Color: Heather Gray
Material: 100% jersey cotton

A Willow Soul exclusive. This figure-flattering tee, is soft, stylish and above all comfortable. This is the one you don’t let your girlfriends borrow, because you’ll never see it again. A relaxed cut and added coverage to flatter a feminine silhouette.  Durable double-stitched waist, sleeves, and stretchable collar. Made, processed, and printed in the U.S.A.Slim Jersey Size Guide

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