3 Reasons Why You Are Seeing 12:12 – The Meaning of 1212

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3 Reasons Why You Are Seeing 12:12 – The Meaning of 1212

Did you see 12:12?  You were guided here to find out about the 1212 meaning and what it means for you.

Repeatedly seeing 1212 everywhere is definitely a divine sign and not a coincidence, as you might think. According to Merkabah mysticism, 12:12 is a code portal that, when you enter in resonance with it, activates your Merkabic field. When this happens, you are in alignment with the human heart connecting to the Unity Consciousness.  So when you see the time at 12:12, you are connecting to the golden light of Christ energy which will awaken divine love within you and activate new energy frequencies to help you evolve with the New Earth.

In Numerology, 12/12 offers you the needed energy to transform your key relationships. Hence, from this perspective, seeing the number pattern 1212 is a message to you that you are ready to better the significant connections in your life.  Keep in mind, the individuals you choose to surround yourself with impact the way you think, act, and feel. Because of this, when you see 1212, it's a reminder to build bonds with people who have a higher energetic level than you so you can surround yourself with those who can influence your future and help you carry out your life's mission. Overall, be with people who inspire you, push you, and encourage you to dream bigger.

According to Angel Numbers, seeing 1212 (12:12) means stepping out of your comfort zone and starting anew in your life.  You begin pushing yourself towards something different because you feel like you are not at the place where you want to be on your journey. You have that feeling because your soul always knows what is best for you at any given moment and it's nudging you to take action that is in alignment with your highest truths about yourself.  For this reason, your angel message is about having the faith and courage to take a step into uncharted waters, and as your path unfolds, you will discover that what is being revealed to you is far greater than anything you ever imagined.  Trust that you are safe.

Having said that, seeing this magical number can bring other hidden messages for you that you need to decipher—and we want to share them with you right now. As your guide, here are 3 important spiritual meanings and reasons of why you're seeing 12:12 or 1212.

1st Meaning of 1212: You're on the Right Track

Even if circumstances may appear like you’re on the wrong path, the truth is that you’re really on the right path.  Making mistakes is a part of life.  The important message is that you’re not allowing the fear of failure to restrict you to your comfort zone.  You know that making mistakes is the only way to learn and grow, and it’s a stepping stone to your highest potential.

For example, U.S. inventor Thomas Edison received the patent for his incandescent light bulb in 1880, although the invention of the light bulb is credited to multiple inventors. With his determination to improve the efficiency of the light bulb, Edison had 1,000 failed experiments, but in his own words, he said, "I didn't fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps."

In the big picture, seeing 12:12 repeatedly is to remind you that you’re on the right track.  You have no idea how to get most of it done, but you have faith that the way you go through it is one intuitive guidance at a time.  You’re starting to see solutions show up in your life because you’ve shifted frequencies to align yourself with the desired outcome for your highest good.   Your life is moving in a direction that you didn’t see coming, and the blessings are phenomenal. 

2nd Meaning of 1212: Keep a Positive State of Being

Another meaning of 1212, or seeing 12:12, is a reminder to be aware of your thoughts and keep a positive state of mind.  As you infuse positivity into your thought patterns, you are ultimately creating more positive outcomes in your life, thus reaching your highest potential. 

Being grateful for what you have is a sure way to keep a positive mind.  You attract more success and abundance into your life when you are thankful.  In matters of relationships, you find that people like being around you because your appreciation supports them, and you help them see their positive contribution to your life.  Your relationships expand to become even more supportive, and the more thankful you are, the more you’ll end up having!

Always remember, seeing 12:12 is a message for you to be conscious of your thoughts and focus on positive thinking to attract the right things into your life for your highest good. The following quote provides an example of how your thoughts affect your reality:

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

3rd Meaning of 1212: Manifesting Your Dreams by the Power of Thought

Number 1 is all about the manifestation or realization of your dreams and goals, while number 2 symbolizes harmony and intuition. But, it also means having a positive approach to life while persevering and being patient.

In this sense, seeing 1212 repetitively means that, if you continue to focus on your dreams with a positive approach (believing they will manifest) even in the face of difficulty and challenges, you will make your wishes come true.  Basically, you can create your desired reality by focusing on your intentions, or the power of thought.

Wishes are like seeds that provide the fuel that propels actions. So by wishing for something with passion, you create energy that becomes the source to make your dream come true. Of course, the wish should be realistic, and remember this: inaction leads to nothing.  You need to be willing to do what it takes to make your wish come true by taking action toward achieving your wish every day.  Your thoughts and feelings create your life, so your actions are always directed toward making your thoughts a reality.  But if your thoughts and actions are out of alignment, your desires cannot be fulfilled. 

Remember this: Everything that currently exists in your life was once a wish. 

What Should You Do Next When You See 1212?

Overall, the core reason for seeing 1212 (12:12) is to strengthen your confidence to be your true self in a world of people who don’t know who you are, where you come from, or what you know.  It’s important to connect with others from the heart and work together to make this world a better place.

In the big picture, the Universe is like one giant tapestry with colorful woven threads where each thread represents a human life.  It’s an example of how your life is interwoven, crossing and touching all the other lives until every human being is affected.  And as you can see, we’re all represented in the tapestry.  Just like teamwork, we all intertwine and influence each other.

Make your goal to help others if you can and be of service to them—yet stay humble. At the same time, never stop focusing on co-creating a better world for all of us. Seeing 1212 is a message of divine unity.  Make new connections and share your gift with the world.

Be a changemaker—the Universe supports you!

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  • Sandra Piddock on | Plymouth, Devon, England, United Kingdom

    I am a clairvoyant medium, healer, and writer, and I always look up angel numbers – I see them all the time, everywhere. However, this time, this article came up at the top, so I knew for sure I had to read through it. It’s all spot on for me.

    I’ve come through a very challenging time, including the death of my dog, the breakdown of my marriage, and a period of very poor health. It was difficult, but I did manage to keep the faith, in myself and the Universe. Just the last few days, since the Wolf Moon, I’ve felt a real energy shift, and after a big setback on Thursday, the last couple of days have been much more positive, creative, and encouraging.

    I saw the sign 1212 on the clock of my laptop. I just know the angels wanted to let me know they were happy with how I’m working towards my goals of studying more and being much more spiritual so that I can help others with my gifts from Spirit. Thank you for this.

  • DeShawn on | Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States

    I was in a bad “health jam” for nearly 4 years, but it was in Nov. 2017 that I got into numerology and spirituality, and that’s when I began to heal myself and my mental and physical health got better.

    This reading about 12:12 is spot on for me, and it hit the nail on the head — every bit of it. I’ve been wanting to change a certain “negative” issue that involves 2 people in my life. I’ve suffered horribly, and I’ve been thinking of getting away from these 2 people. They are toxic for me and it’s ruining me. I got a text message today from each of them. When I got home, I read 1 of the text messages (they asked for a favor), and the time was 12:12.

    I instantly googled 12:12 and here I am…so darn grateful. It’s a wonderful feeling, like a confirmation that I CAN, SHOULD, and WILL with CONFIDENCE end these 2 connections and figure out how to take the next step. If you read all of this, thank you. God bless you and your patience.

  • Amy on | Kansas City, Missouri, United States

    I think it’s funny how we all looked at our phones and saw 1212. And like Tina (her comment on Dec. 21), I have had the worst 5 years of my life. It’s all over and the cycle is complete.

    I’ve grown into a much stronger and wiser woman. I see numbers every day and all-day: 1122, 1234, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 1111, 1119, and 911. The numbers usually tell me about what’s on my mind. People think I’m crazy when I talk about it.

    Things are turning around now for the better. I’ve been blessed with a good-paying job, and I see the world in a different light. GOD has had my back. I had to learn to trust only GOD because that’s all I really have.

  • Oana Popeanu on | Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

    Hello, I’ve been seeing this number everywhere. It is literally on every screen around the house, and I also see this number in so many tv commercials. Sometimes, it shows as 1212, 1221, 2121, 1112, or 2112. It’s insane and I notice this number mostly when I’m upset.

    I guess I’m not getting it, so that’s probably why my angels are really having a hard time with me making all the wrong choices. I do thank my angels every day for not giving up on me. Thank you for this reading. I really appreciate it! Sending love to all of you!

  • Teodoro J. Mariscal on | Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico


    Blessings to everyone who reads this portal. I just want to comment that I have been fortunate to see the synchrony of numbers — very often.

    Today, I saw 12.12 on my cell phone. For the first time, I started to check it on Google, and I came across 1212 on this page. The article fits me perfectly with what it says. My life collapsed into pieces in the past 2 years, and I am just beginning to recover all aspects of it.

    Thanks to GOD, our Lord, I did not give up and I became a positive thinker. I have not yet been able to receive work, but I have enormous FAITH in GOD that very soon I will be working and will be successful at work.

    This is because I have received many signs from our ascended masters. I know 12.12 is another sign to continue on my path of success in life. I don’t know what to expect, but I know it’s much better than what I’ve lived years ago.

    I trust today, and I am more convinced than ever in my life because GOD has begun to pour blessings into my family, into my house, and into me.

    I deeply appreciate receiving this synchrony of numbers from the universe and my guardian angels. Thanks to this page for helping us understand what the numbers mean. God bless you all.

    Cheers from Guadalajara, Mexico.

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